"Define and set the foundation for a new discipline in science: the case of Anime; how to determine the fields to get sustainability for the future of the discipline"

Presented By: Boris Lopatinsky, Shanghai International Studies University

Thinking about a new discipline is always a challenge. Mainly because the team who initiated the project is mostly coming from the same field, which has as effect, in the middle term, to limit drastically the surviving of this discipline. For avoided finishing as the Traductology or the Post-Colonial studies, we need to think in other ways and force ourselves, instead of precipitation to place first: a good plan, claim in a Manifesto to get attention. Second: created an international association opening the possibility to get funding for a review or journal, for communication. Third: launch the different curriculum at the level of Graduate and post-Graduate, in Laboratory, to prepare the next generation of Researcher and Professor, this for help to see how to strength the discipline and create the possibility to open the Under-Graduate section. This communication has for object, to define the different fields where it is going to be possible to begin with this new discipline; in the different field of Sciences, and what will be the possible perspective of this discipline in the future.