Day 1 - November 16th (Saturday)

Panel 1: Animated Movement: Cultural, National, Technological

Maria Grajdian (Hiroshima University), "Exuberant or Uncanny? Femininity at Crossroads in Yonebayashi Hiromasa's Animation Movies"

Chan Yong Bu (Princeton University), "Animating the Shell: Rethinking National Demarcations in Joint Production Through the Ontology of 3D Animation in Geisters"

Phil Kaffen (University of North Carolina, Charlotte), "The World Drawn: Animated Life and Cinematic Ruins in an Age of Fallout"

Panel 2: Uncharted Waters: Crossing Aesthetic and Disciplinary Boundaries

Boris Lopatinsky (Shanghai International Studies University), "Define and Set the Foundation for a New Discipline in Science: The Case of Anime; How to Determine the Fields to Get Sustainability for the Future of the Discipline"

Stephen Sarrazin (Tokyo National University of Art) and Yangyu Zhang (Tokyo National University of Art), "Which Borders Would That Be: French and Chinese Voices and Anime"

Marco Pellitteri (Shanghai International Studies University), "Aesthetics in Transition: What Europe Can Tell Us on the Transnational Appeal of Japanese Animation"

Panel 3: Disciplines, Theories, and Meta-Reflection

Ryotaro Mihara (University of London), "'Anime Has Been Hiding from the World': How Orientalism Works in Contemporary Anglophone Anime Studies"

Satomi Saito (Clemson University), "Medium Specificity: Theorizing Japan's Media Mix"

Panel 4: Exotic Characters: Gender, Sex, and Orientalist Works and Discourses

Aurelie Petit (Concordia University), "Studying Hentai in a Western Context"

Kenta Kato (Waseda University), "'Shinnosuke's Butt, and 'Okama' Characters in the Crayon Shin-chan Films"

Yasmeen Alsinan (Waseda University) “The Convergence of Reality and Fiction- How Transmedia Marketing Narrates A Story”

Special Event

Takashi Otsuka (director of One Piece: Stampede, 2019), "What is Animation Direction?: My Experience as an Animator and Director in the Japanese Animation Industry"

Keynote Speech

Mark J. P. Wolf (Professor in the Communication Department at Concordia University Wisconsin), "Bridges to Anime: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Studying Anime"

Panel α: Imprints: Camera, Nation, Mind

Daisuke Miyao (University of California, San Diego), "A Travers: Cinematography, Anime, Depth"

Christophe Thouny (Ritsumeikan University), "Thinking With Anime: Symptomatic Reading and Speculative Writing"

Toshiya Ueno (Wako University), "On the Recent Tonality of Panpsychism in Japanese Animation"

Day 2 - November 17th (Sunday)

Panel 5: Anime, Texts, and Sociality

Verina Gfader (City University of Hong Kong), "Anime Host"

Brett Hack (Aichi Prefectural University), "Anime and Social Imagination: Towards a Media-Social Reading of Texts"

Patrick W. Galbraith (Senshu University), "Encountering Uchiyama Aki: On the Need for Situated Knowledge and Learning in Anime Studies"

Panel 6: Music, Sound, and Voice

Heike Hoffer (Ohio State University), "Diegetic and Non-Diegetic Music in Anime: A Film Studies Perspective"

Eija Niskanen (University of Helsinki), "Soundtrack in Anime"

Kimberlee Sanders (Harvard University), "Sounding the Nostalgic Future: Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Lynn Minmay, and Animated Sonic Affect"

Panel 7: Global Flows: Transnational Production and Consumption

Seio Nakajima (Waseda University), "Mapping the Transnational Genesis of the Post-War Japanese Animation Field: A Case Study of the Production of Legend of the White Snake (1958)"

Yue Zhao (Waseda University), "Via the Digitalization of New Media, How Online Fan Club Accelerates the Anime Consumption in China"

Stevie Suan (Hosei University), "Anime Out-of-Place: Towards a Transnational Approach to Analyzing Anime"

Panel 8:Unruly Heroes: Fans, Cults, and Samurai

Edgar Pelaez (Waseda University), "'If No One Else Doest It, I'll Bring It Myself': The Role of Fan Entrepreneurs in the Distribution and Promotion of Anime in Mexico"

Natalia Samutina (Higher School of Economics, Moscow), "Does Cult Anime Still Exist? Rethinking 'Cult' in the Age of Online Fan Communities"

Andres Camacho (Universidad de Cordoba), "Short Stories about Samurai and Some Runaway Horses of Modern Japan"

Panel β: Interventions: History and Performance of Animation (Studies) in Japan

Rayna Denison (University of East Anglia), "Historicizing Anime: Historical Methods and the Creation of Anime History"

Minori Ishida (Niigata University), "Possibilities of Voice Acting: On Voice Actresses Playing Boys Roles"

Akiko Sugawa (Yokohama National University), "A Gap between Animation and Anime Studies in Japan: A Case of JSAS"

Keynote Speech

Marc Steinberg (Concordia University), "16 Propositions on the Value of Anime Studies"